Meditation, The Art of Exploitation

Thinking? At last I have discovered it--thought; this alone is inseparable from me. I am, I exist--that is certain. But for how long? For as long as I am thinking. For it could be, that were I totally to cease from thinking, I should totally cease to exist....I am, then, in the strict sense only a thing that thinks.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

c++ static member function and non-static member function

Other than the access modifier to a static member function, i.e. myclass::staticfunc(...). A static member function is essentially the same as a free function in the same namespace scope. Especially pointers to static member functions have the same type as to free functions. This means when a static member function is invoked, 'this' pointer is not passed as the first argument.

It's usually an overlooked fact that any call to a non-static member function has an implicit argument 'this'.